Maps of Jammu & Kashmir – by different Countries, Media, and Organisations

Maps of Jammu & Kashmir – by different Countries, Media, and Organisations

Jammu and Kashmir was a region formerly administered by India as a state from 1954 to 2019, which has been the subject of a dispute specially between India and Pakistan since the mid-20th century.

Due to dispute there are many different versions of Kashmir maps are being used by different media, countries and organisations.


United Nation – Shows disputed area with dotted line and line of control is also visible.


WikiPedia – Highlights area under control by Pakistan, China and India


CNN – Clearly shows disputed area as per the current control by Pakistan, China and India.


BBC – In BBC’s map Ladakh is now as separate territory but within Kashmir. More detailed information in BBC’s map as per actual control.


Pakistan Official – Paksitan released official map of Pakistan on August 5, 2020 included whole Jammu and Kashmir as part of Pakistan. Also mentioned India illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir and gave reference of UNSC Resolutions.

India (After August 2019)

In August 2019, the Parliament of India passed an act by which Ladakh became a union territory on 31 October 2019. Kashmir is now a small territory in size comparing its child Ladakh. India also included parts of Pakistan’s controlled area of Kashmir. Gilgit Baltistan area is also included as part of Ladakh.

India (Before August 2019)

Before August 2019, India’s map was displaying whole Kashmir area, Gilgit Baltistan and Ladakh as one territory i.e. Jammu and Kashmir.

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