Prices of houses announced

Prices of houses announced

The government has announced the Naya Pakistan Housing scheme Prices for 3 and 5 marla homes, Aaj news reported.

The government has fixed the prices of housing units under the NAYA PAKISTAN HOUSING PROGRAM. The house prices are;

3 Marla House Price = 16.5-17.5 LAC

5 Marla House Price = 21-23 LAC


Earlier Naya Pakistan Housing project Registration Forms were available from NADRA website. But now for the three cities, Lodhran, Chishtian and Renala Khurd Application Forms will be provided through the Bank of Punjab. The registration Forms are free and filled photocopies will also be accepted.

Payments for the Submission of Registration Form:

Application Processing Fee = Rs. 250/-

Token Money = Rs. 10,000/- (will be refunded to unsuccessful applicants within 15 days of balloting)

Payment to be Paid by Successful Applicants:

Down Payment = Rs. 20,000/- (to be paid by the successful candidate within 20 days of balloting)

Plus the installments at will be announced after balloting.


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